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How can standing further from the golf ball affect my swing plane? Well if we look from this angle, we have the yellow pole in as the target line and I set the club head onto that target line and I take up my normal stance and posture. If I move further away from the ball now, you will notice that the angle that I start the club at so the angle of the shaft in the floor as I move further away lessens because I'm starting to stretch and lean forward. You can see my posture lowers down. And we now have a falter position with the shaft angle; this shaft has gotten lower to the floor. Now that’s really going to affect the angle that I swing the club round which I can demonstrate quite simply using a hoop as my swing arc.

So if that is the correct position for me to set up and I swing it this angle around me with the club as I move further back that swing plane flattens off and so the club is being – so much lower around me and without as much height and that's all due to the fact that I'm starting the club at a lower angle initially and I'm bending forward more with my posture. As I do that I’ll swing the club very much on an arc around myself so the club head will only travel for a limited amount of time on the target line and then the club head will arc around me and away from the target line and as I swing back in now, the club head is really approaching from the inside and is only on the target line for a limited amount of time because I will either swing straight across the target line and end up hitting the ball to the right but more likely because I'm so far away from the ball I’ll bring the club back on the inside very quickly, the hands will turn over and I will hit the ball over to the left. So it’s really important that you stand the correct distance away from the ball because that sets the correct posture for you and you will then be able to swing with the correct swing plane which dictates whether you're going to swing directly along that target line or not.

As a general rule of thumb the correct distance to stand from the ball wants to be so that you can tilt forward with your back straight so that you're arms dangle underneath the shoulders, quite vertically and that's where you want to hold the club. So you're hands aren’t too close to your body with your arms in but similarly you're not stretching out. Generally I would say you want to just get about a hand width between your hands and the club as a general rule of thumb that just sets that the arms are dangling vertically under the shoulders. That will set you the correct distance from the ball and then you will have the correct swing plane.