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Looking around on the PGA Tour, you will often find a golfer that’s a similar size and stature instructed to you, and that is not a bad thing for you then to copy. You know if you are five foot tall you might be looking at somebody like Ian Woosnam golf swing, if you are six foot tall you might be looking at someone like Tiger Woods’s Golf swing, if you are six foot six, you start following Robert Karlsson’s golf swing because they are swinging in a similar body to yourself. And when I watch golf on the TV, I look at somebody like Harris English and I see his golf swing and I think yeah I could model myself on that, maybe he has modeled himself on me, you never know. But the way he swings a golf club is quite a nice wide position, it’s certainly something I like to teach in most of my lessons, to most of my clients. He gets himself set up into a great position, uses his tall frame and his long arms, there is none of this stooped crouching over the ball, he is really nice and tall. And then he has the classic one piece take away, as he takes the club away, everything moves back in one piece, there’s no wrecking of the hands or arms or swaying of the legs, everything is just a nice one piece take away.

And this is really something I’d like you to focus on in your game, just taking your glove and try and keep as far away from your head throughout the whole swing, so the glove on the left hand we push it as far back as we can during the backswing and we keep it as far away from the head as we can, that creates the nice wide one piece take away. Pushing it as far back as we can. The other part of Harris English’s golf swing that I really like is down through the golf ball, you must reverse the same steps, that down though the ball again the glove stays away from its fully extended down the target line, massive reach here. One of the biggest issues you’ll see for a lot of club golfers, hitting at the golf ball, chopping at the golf ball, we get the old chicken wings, their arms pulling to the body. So the one move to take away from this particular golf swing, big wide long extension, scared of your left hand all the way down big long extension scared of your left hand. If you couldn’t work the Harris English wide one piece take away and big follow through, guaranteed you’ll hit the ball further straighter and more consistently.