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How can standing nearer to the golf ball change my swing plane? Well standing nearer to the golf ball will mean that you will set the shaft of the club much more upright. If we look this way on and we have the yellow pole as the line we want to swing the club along to the target, if we set the club head on that line and we take our set up position, if we stand nearer to the ball, you can see that you alter the angle that the shaft is set to the floor and it becomes much more upright. Now the effects of that we can demonstrate with a hoop for the swing plane. As you move closer to the ball and the shaft is more upright because there's less distance between yourself and the golf ball, you can see that you will now swing the club on a much more upright plane, a much more upright angle as you swing the club around you.

And if you swing the club on that more upright angle, you will tend to have a steeper swing and a steeper angle of attack back down to the ball. And if you’re standing too close to the ball for your height then you will find that you’ll start to hit the top of the ball quite a lot and you’ll lose power because you're not able to rotate your shoulders in. So standing closer to the ball means that there's less gap between yourself and the ball, you have to lift the club up more it alters your posture so you become more upright and it gives you a much more up right swing where you use your arms a lot more and that’s knows going to affect the connection you get with the ball, you will tend to hit the top of the ball or if you catch the ground just before the ball you will really dig in and hit a fat shot but it’s also going to make it very difficult for you to make any rotational movement so you will lose a lot of power and also as you hit through you will find it very difficult to turn your hips and allow the club to swing straight along the target line meaning you will have accuracy issues as well.

So make sure you stand the correct distance away from the ball so that your swing plane is correct for your height.