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Video Transcript

I always think one of the most striking moves that I see in the world’s best players, when you are watching them on the TV, particularly when you do that super slow mo camera angle, the one I really like, the real striking move is, in this position through impact, where there’s everything just straight down his right-forearm, right-bicep and the shaft line. I think that’s a really good movement for beginners, intermediates and advanced players, for everybody to copy that real extension through the golf position. A great way of creating power, improving your accuracy and your commitment to your ball striking as well.

So let’s look at that position in close detail here. Through the impact area, the club keeps going in the straightest line possible for as long as possible and then ultimately that will produce the head, the handle, the right arm, and the shoulder all very much in a straight line, it’s very much of a downwards angle here with the right forearm, nothing yet coming up, we are not hitting and bouncing up off the floor and lifting the ball or lifting the club into the air.

The head is down, the hips are turning, the chest is down and the hands are stretched out, it’s almost the feeling like you are trying to chase the ball down the fairway, so if from this angle, if I can chase the club down the camera lens there, you will see that position from front-arm, so next time you are at the driving range, just try and feel like you’re are chasing that golf ball down the fairway, and almost put another ball out in front of you and feel like that’s a really big strong magnet, when I make my swing that magnet is pulling the golf club towards the magnet there and I am stretching out as far as I can.

If you then go ahead and hit a few gentle shots, you’d actually just chip the ball away and feel that extension, you can feel how stayed down for impact and chasing the ball forward, then make that movement faster and stronger and bigger and quicker, and you should feel that improves your accuracy, your power and your ball striking.