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How should I play a green side bunker shot from wet sand? Now wet sand is more difficult to play out of the normal sand because the surface is more compact and it’s a little bit harder to actually get down into the sand, sweep underneath the ball and lift it out with the same amount of back spin and the same amount of ease. Now what’s called for on a green side bunker shot out of wet sand is to actually just slightly adapt the technique but then commit to the shot. Now out of wet sand because the surface is more compact you need to make a special effort to actually get down and underneath the ball. Now this won’t be easy because your sand wedge has a little bit of bounce on the bottom so the amount that the – kind of front edge is kind of higher than the leading edge and that will glide the club through the sand and actually lift it out. Now with a wet sand that’ll actually glide the club out a lot quicker because the – because the actual sand is that much more compact so we need to make some slight changes to your techniques and slight changes to your setup but then fully commit to the shot.

So the only changes we’re really going to be making is using a high lofted club on a normal swash bunker shot you want to be opening the actual club quite a long way on this particular type of shot with a wet sand open it slightly, open the stance slightly so not as wide as normal, put the ball position just forward of center and then just pop your hands slightly ahead of the ball. Now what this will do it’ll just steep in the angle of attack on the way down and actually get you down into the sand a lot quicker and a lot harder and that’s what’s needed when the sand is nice and wet. So open the club face slightly, open the stance slightly ball just forward of center, pop those hands just slightly ahead of the ball and then nice full swing driving down into the sand fully committed to the shot.

Now with the wet sand what you tend to find is with a good strike it’ll come out with quite a lot of back spin but it may come out slightly lower so that does need to be taken into consideration. Don’t just go into a wet sand bunker and then assume that you’ll be able to play exactly the same shot. Take your medicine, use this new technique and actually try and get that ball stopping a little bit quicker but commit to the shot. Don’t go in there quit because if you quit in a wet sand bunker it’ll bounce up – the club will bounce up and it’ll spin the ball and you’ll be right back where you started. So adapt your technique, commit and hopefully you will have a really good shot out.