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Video Transcript

When having a golf fitness program organized or when making one of yourself, tying to get all the muscles working is a key ingredient. You don’t just want to be kind of excising the same almost you want to be excising different parts of the body that you may not have done before. Now a great way to use the sides a little bit more so the oblique’s is to use a side squat with an exercise ball. Now all you are going to need for this is an exercise ball, Exhibit A getting into a posture position before holding this over the top of your head. Now when you are into this position if you can keep your knees flexed the great, if they do straighten up it’s not the end of the world because you are going to be moving down to the side.

So starting off between the legs, knees bent, up over the top of the leg, and then move downwards to the side. So it’s pretty much just placing it on the outside of the left foot, building it back up to the top and then downwards onto the side of the right foot here. And then back to the top, and then back down. So to repeat posture your position, up to the top down, up, down, up and then back. Now what this does is it engages most of the lower half but also engages side of the hips, and the oblique’s down on the side of the body a well, muscles that you wouldn’t normally be excising. So give this go, build this into your routine, and hopefully it will give you a little more balance to your overall workout.