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Ben Crenshaw is renowned as a golfer from the PGA Tours. One of the best putters out there. He's been one of the best putters for years and years as well particularly from the long putting. Occasionally you'd have one of those big bombs that drop in from 45-feet but also renowned as very rarely three putting from the longest putts as well. Crenshaw will famously talk about how putting is, his fingers, and its hands, and its eyes and its imagination.

For a lot of people they lose their imagination when they're putting to get very technical over the ball and it's all the mechanics but they lose the imagination. They lose their touch and their natural feel that you need to be a good putter. So next time you're on the putting green and you're faced with some long sort of 45, 50-foot putts. You have to think about the technical aspect of your swing but don’t forget to use a little bit of imagination. Visualize how the ball will roll, how the fall of the ball will roll across the green and how its distance control as your priority. So as you're standing back behind the putt looking across the green, visualize. Use your imagination of how it's going to go. Nice and smooth with a start. Not too much grip pressure. Keep the grip pressure really light, really relaxed. Use your imagination on how it's going to roll and see if you can be as smooth on the greens as Ben Crenshaw is.