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Here is a question about how you can stop your putts bouncing when you hit them, we want to get them rolling as soon as possible. A ball that rolls nice and smoothly towards a hole has a lot more consistency and a lot more chance of going into the hole rather than one that bounces all the way there and bubbles on the surface. And generally the bouncing putts are caused by two main issues; its either hitting too much up on the golf ball, or hitting too much down on the golf ball. Too much up on the golf ball would be a ball that’s placed too near to the front side of your stance so it’s too far up here towards my left foot as a right handed golfer. I then have my hands too far back behind it, I’ve added too much loft to the club, putter already has around three to four degrees of loft on most putters, but if I’ve then got my handle leaning back here, I then give it a bit of a flick with my right hand and suddenly I’ve got way too much loft. I’m going to hit this one off the side of the green, I’m going to hit it quite hard because generally when you hit it quite hard you’ll be able to see what happens, but as I hit this, the ball jumps and skips and probably only took two or three bounces on the putting surface, also I can hear it I can hear the flight of that balls skipping over the surface it’s not rolling through and smooth, that’s going to cause me some inconsistencies.

The second reason for a ball bouncing and skipping too much is one that’s too far the other way in your stance, so it’s too far back in your stance, hands are too far ahead, we’ve taken all the loft of this, now I just have a little poppy stroke, and I just bang the club down into the ball, effectively that pushes the ball down into the turf, it springs up and bounces forward, and that really can’t be a good thing for my putting, so ball too far back, hands too far forward, hitting down and just again, it bounces over the surface it’s not rolling smoothly and through. So one last time now this time we’re hopefully going to have a good setup. I’m going to play the ball like a six iron ball position just slightly ahead of center, my hands are going to be through and level, not too far ahead not too far behind, that’s allowing the natural four degrees, which the guys who built my putter decided it was the right amount of loft I’m going to trust them on that I’m going to present the club with its true amount of loft, make my normal stroke, keeping my club quite low to the ground and the follow-through not having a flick and a lift, delivering it back low, through low. The club comes in nicely, delivers it with the right degree of loft, and again the ball rolls off the club face really through, doesn’t skip, doesn’t bounce too much. And I think that’s the best way that you can get your balls rolling to the hole, rather than bouncing and skipping.