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Video Transcript

I think if I ask any golfer the type of ball flight they’d like to hit, 70%, 80% are going to say straight, 20% might say a nice little baby drill. Some would say fade, not many, but all of those ball flights are playable, a draw goes from right to left lands on target, a fade left to right lands on target, straight shot clearly straight at the target. Some there are some ball flights that we can live with, and there’s other ball flights we can’t live with. Now you can’t really play great golf with a push slice, first you define exactly what a push slice is. A push is a shot that would start to the right of our intended target line, so it starts down the right hand side of the fairway for a right handed golfer. And then it does the slicing part of the name, so then it moves from left to right even further and finishes quite a long way down the right side. So it starts right, and moves further right, a lot of golfers get themselves into this push slice ball flight by trying to hit a draw so they’re trying to bring the club face down from the inside but they don’t – the swing path down from the inside. And they might be achieving that element of things, but then they’ve got the club face very open to that position.

So a push slice starts right because the face is there, and then their swing path is not far enough right to get the ball to draw back in, that path might be a few degrees right or it might even be slightly left, but it’s then going to cut out even further to the right hand side. So it’s generally a club face that’s quite aggressively open on a swing path that might be straight or slightly right, and we get this sort of inside with an open face idea and the face is more open than swing path and it blocks out, and the second you hit it as a good player you will know this ball is not coming back, it’s going to draw back in, and it’s not a slice that starts left and then lands in the middle, this is a ball that’s starting right and going further right and there’s not a great deal you can do about it. So we get ourselves inside the line, open the face up, blocking down that right side, and then slice it out, and it finishes sort of 40, 50, 60 yards right of your intended target line. So over these next few videos I’m going to try and explain how we can improve on that push slice, what you can watch for in your swing and how you can try and get rid of it from your game.