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So here's a really nice drill for you if you use it for any golf shots that leak out to the right hand side, particularly if you would describe that shot as a pushed golf shot. And even that's pushed down to the right hand side can often be because there's lack of synchronization between the bottom half and the upper half during your swing. It's often caused by too much or inconsistent leg actions.

So here's a great exercise for you. Take an old range bucket. If you don't have a range bucket handy, maybe even a basketball or a football, something like that. Drop it in between your knees and just give it a little bit of a squeeze just to hold it in position and that's going to make you very conscious of your leg action of how much turning is happening. And ultimately, you want to resist that turning, too, to a certain degree. So as we make a back swing here, we're turning back but the legs aren't getting too involved in that back swing. Now, in my down swing, my body can catch up, take my legs and synchronize everything to a small turn through.

You might feel that you can't make the big full turn through where your knees would come together as you normally would, but that's really point. It's just making you a little bit more aware that the legs don't have to be working too quickly, particularly if you're guilty occasionally of really throwing the knees at it, getting the club blocked in behind you, lagging too much and forcing the ball to the right hand side. This drill is really nice of just making you aware of your leg action.

So, baskets above the knees, squeeze it in there nice and tight, and just make a few little half swings, chipping the ball forwards, just making you very aware of how your leg action is working. No full swings, so maybe take a six or seven iron, something like that, and just pitch the ball out about 50 or 60 yards with a half swing just to keep those knees concentrate on what they're doing. And then as you build that into a full swing, your leg action should have slowed down a little bit resulting in some straighter shots.