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Video Transcript

If you are a good player and you like to hit the draw shot where it starts down the right side and draws back in, there will have been occasions I’m sure that you can remember where you’ve just lost this ball completely way out right. It starts off right and then it cuts even further in slices. And that’s the shot where right going right will term it as a push slice. And the way the push slice happens, is the club is swinging too much from the inside and then the face is open to that position. So we are swinging very much into out, and then its open with the face and its longer. Often happens with the driver particularly for good players maybe when they get a bit aggressive and turn through it. And they leave the face open too far and its gone push slicing.

A couple of reason why that might be happening, the first would be your weight shift or incorrect weight shift particular if you are reverse pivoting. So we swing to the top, we get caught to the left side and the back swing and then lean back too much in the down swing and just cook from the underneath.

So if you are reverse pivoting, it would look left in the back swing, right in the down swing, opening the face high cutting long gone if you’ve got a good position in the back swing coming through to here turning back nicely. But then in a down swing you turn through with your upper body too quickly. The golf club could drop too far behind you. So you end up getting a bit stuck here because your hands and arms are in synch, your shoulders are in front of your hands, you are coming through, you can’t square the face. Face points right and swings out to the right and you get a push slice so good corrections for this.

We maybe do a two step drill so we set up correctly, we step back in the back swing and then we step through in the follow through. That’s a really lovely exercise to get rid of the reverse pivot. So as you set up to the golf ball we swing back and through. And you can see I’m just doing that. I mean still using my driver. But I’m doing that with a half swing I don’t need to throw myself into it too much. But I can feel how my bodyweight moves to the right and then back to the left during the swing. Then another exercise that you might want to consider if you are suffering from the push slice, is the fact that the club face is too open.

So we need to get that club face to roll over a little bit to close down a little a bit more and to get a bit truer but more true to the path or even close to the path. So we do a spilt grip exercise here. Take your left hand on top, take your right hand underneath and just gently swing the club backwards and forwards in the split handed position. As we swing the club gently through like this, the right hand has to work more than the left. The right hand has to travel further than the left but travels there in the same time. So clearly the right hand must be travelling faster.

As I get the feeling in my right hand travelling faster, I slide it then back up onto the grip in its normal position. I use… utilize the same feeling and the right hand rolls over quicker. Therefore, releasing and closing the club face more, that way I could still be on my inside path, but a face angle that isn’t pointing right of that path therefore reducing the push slice. So if you are a good player, trying to draw the golf ball but you are struggling to get the face closed in time, try those exercises and helpful hints and see if you can reduce your push slice.