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A question that many people ask is, do I need different swings with my irons than I do with my driver? And in short the answer is yes. So now that we have got that covered, we can move up, no I’m only joking. The differences between the iron and the driver swing are all to do with angle of attack.

So with an iron shot you want to be hitting the ball first and then the turf. And with the driver for a very good golf driver, low spinning and high launching drive, you want to be hitting the ball first with the angle of attack moving upward. Now those two things are very much opposite ends of the scale because with an iron shot, the club is traveling downwards. And with the driver shot the club is traveling upwards. Now you know straightaway that because of those two swing differences, because of those two angle of attack differences, something much change within the golf swing. On the face of it, you can have an iron swing and a driver swing and they may look very, very similar. But once you get the ball data, once you have a look at a launch monitors on high speed cameras, there are definite differences between the two techniques. And it is all to do because of the angle of attack, trolling down the irons and up with the driver.

Now what we are going to do here is we are going to have a look at the similarities between the swings, we are going to have a look at the differences between the swings. We are going to have a look at how you can practice them and then how you can take those differences out on to the golf course without having to think about all of the complexities.

So the differences between the swings, they do need to be there, there are some similarities but it’s really focusing on angle of attack and how you deliver the golf club into the point of impact with these two different types of golf club.