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Video Transcript

One of the key movements for the most powerful golfers in the world coming into impact is a slight movement down of the body almost a slight squat down into the point of impact before turning and beginning to extend the hips upwards through impact. Now mimicking that feeling of actually moving down into the ball putting power back down into the ground before drawing more up is quite hard to do. However using a medicine ball and an overhead slam drill you can start to mimic some of these feelings. Now the overhead slam drill literally sees you holding a medicine ball, feet shoulder width apart, holding the medicine ball over your head, nice and tall and straight with the back and the posture before bringing it down, bending the knees and slamming it down onto the ground.

Now I will only do the one demonstration because I don’t want to wake up the neighbors too much, but its feet shoulder width apart, up over your head, nice straight back down, slam before catching the ball. Now depending on the weight of the medicine ball is going to depend how hard you can actually do this. But what you want to be doing is slamming it down and then on the way back up collecting and catching up. So it shouldn’t be bouncing back over your head, you need to be doing it in a controlled motion but if you can get it right this is going to start to mimic some of those feelings you can have coming down into impact.