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How should my head move during my golf swing? Now the fast kind of answer to this really is that the head shouldn’t move too much at all. You want it to stay in a nice fixed point and then for the body to actually turn around that point. If you watch some of the best ball strikers in the world, you’ll tend to find that they swing and they turn and they rotate, whilst their head stays nice and still, up until the point of impact.

After the point of impact the actual ball can no longer be influenced because it’s already flying on its way. So after the ball has actually been hit, the head can see a little bit of a rise as you get up to a nice full follow through. But a great little way that you can actually practice keeping the head nice and still, is to practice facing a mirror, settle to a ball or well not a ball as you practice swinging, but keep your eyes on your eyes in the mirror, swing back making sure the head stays still, and then swing through, making sure the head stays still as well. It’s a great way to practice keeping your head still and assume then that you’ll see with most of the best ball strikers. If the head rises or if the head dips, you have to make manipulation throughout the swing to actually counteract that.

So if you keep your head nice and still they’ll be less moving parts and the swing should be a lot simpler. So its sets upon that ball after practicing just keeping your eyes on yours in a mirror keeping the head nice and still and just try and turn around that central point of the head. And as you go through in here, you can allow it to rise up into this nice full follow through position. So if you are thinking about where your head movement should be in the swing think less is better. Keep it nice and still and you should see more consistent shots.