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One of the major difference is between better golfers, low handicap golfers and beginners or higher handicapped golfers is their ability to control what's called their golf swing path. The golf swing path just refers to how the club is moving relative to the target line; better golfers tend to have a swing path that’s in to out. That tends to generate a shot that draws or moves right to left which is a much longer and more penetrating ball flight, higher handicap is where beginners tend to have a swing play that moves more out to in that creates ball flight which is more like a slice and the ball flies left to right because of the spin that's imparted on the board. It's a much weaker shot that flies higher and not as far so work on trying to generate into out swing path. In order to do that if you look at the target line so if that line is going from the ball to the target the in to out swing path will go from the inside of the line if you are standing on it and move across to the outside and that's the swing path that better golfers tend to follow. In order to try to achieve that when you are at the range swing the club back and then as you swing the club down work on keeping the club behind your body on this side of your body with your hands for much longer as you turn your hips and then waiting to turn your upper body into the shorter impact. That will keep the club head on the inside or on your side of that line and then you can release and as you follow through extend the arms and allow the club to travel across the target line. A good drill to practice that would be if you are used to alignment poles or take two clubs from your back, if you place one across your feet, so that that's the line that we intend to hit the ball along and we are parallel to that line and then place another club above 15º angle to the right of that. If you now set up and then practice swinging the club so that actually so that as you swing the club back down, you follow the 15º degree to the right line that will allow you to keep the club behind you, your hands close to your body, your lower body will clear off the way and then you can extend your arms through the shot and then to a balanced follow through. So work on creating an in to out golf swing path for more consistency and for longer shots.