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Video Transcript

This is a really great drill on how can you create a correct swingpath for the club head during your golf swing. Swingpath just refers to the direction that the club head is moving in, just prior to, at impact, and just after. So what we’re going to do here is, if we look at this red pole as being the line that goes towards the target, if we want to hit a straight shot, we want to work on getting the club head to swing along the line just before it strikes the ball, and then along the line just after it strikes the ball. If we got the club face pointing in the direction the club head is moving in, then we’re going to hit a really straight shot.

So in order to do that, I would take three golf balls and place them on the far side of that target line; just about two inches to the far side. I would now take another three golf balls and place them about two inches, just on the inside of that target line. So I’ve now created a channel that I’m going to be able to swing the club through. So I can now start to practice swinging my club back, and then as I swing through, working on swinging the club head, through this channel without hitting any of those golf balls. If I do swing and hit one of the golf balls, it’s going to give me a lot of information as to where the club head was as it was moving through impact.

So the correct swingpath that we’d want to work on is one that allows the club head to travel directly down the target line towards the target. I think this is a great drill to allow you to do that, because if you’re not quite doing it, depending on which ball you clip, a knockout of the way, you’ll get valuable information and then you can work on improving your swingpath with the next swing.