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To create more consistency and accuracy during your shots, it’s really important to get the club on plane and at the top of the swing to make sure that the club’s pointing at the target. So in order to do that, we need to look at how you start in the swing golf. If you have a good take away, so the club stays on plane, in this position here, the club head will look pretty directly in line with your hands and it will really help you if you use a full length mirror to check your position. At the top of the swing if you are in the correct position, the club will appear just over the top of the hands and it will be pointing at the target. If you tend to see this position when you are at the top of your swing, you’re now what’s called “across the line”, “across the target line” because the club head’s pointing over to the right of the target. This position here, the club’s now known as been “laid off”. It hasn’t quite got to being parallel to the target line or pointed at the target. And these are quite characteristic issues for something that's happened earlier on in the swing. If you tend to take the club on the inside with your take away, you would note as you take away it looks like this in the mirror. So your hands, the club head and your left shoulder are no longer in a straight line. This will cause you from this position to now pick the club up and you’ll end up with the club pointing right at the target. If you tend to look more laid off at the top, that’s because on your take away the club head is outside the target line. That will look like this on your take away so the club will look on this side of your hands rather than being in line. This position here will now cause you to get a steep pick up and you’ll end up pointing the club over to the left of the target. So to work on being more on play and have a better position for pointing the club at the target at the top of the swing, concentrate on taking the club away really well, keeping the club head, the shaft and the left arm all in a straight line and that will allow you to get into a good position at the top of the back swing. If you are in a good position at the top of the back swing, with the club pointing at the target, you’ll find it much easier to swing back down the target line and hit straight on long shots.