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Video Transcript

There is a lot of this aren’t there? If you want to control your putting just try and think about controlling your putting with trying to make this wrist bend. A lot of people though lot of wrist bend in their putting stroke nice and casually you think well it doesn’t look so bad, it looks like my normal sort of porting stroke there. Maybe you say that to me down the camera now, when you’re looking back but there’s a lot of wrist bend and that’s a bad, bad thing, you go – if you want to be a good putter then you need to get rid of this, this wrist bend. It’s not good at all, there’s no control. We need to be solid. So what we need to do is we need to work on something which basically makes the wrist very, very passive so the best way of going about this is place your hands on. Now I think today I’m not here to change your grip but I want to make you to feel – think about your grip position a little bit more. Try to keep your hands as symmetrical as possible, if you tend to have one hand over than the other one, then the chances are that you’re going to be a little bit wristy a bit of be flimsy because one hand will work quick and stronger than the other hand.

And in putting it’s all about both hands being together and working as one, that’s the whole idea of putting. So when you put your hands on, try and keep them symmetrical if you can, all right? You choose the grip and just look in the mirror and make sure this side mirror is the other side and then you got the better grip and keep that pressure nice and light. From here, we create the letter ‘Y’ very, very important, big talking point in putting keep the letter ‘Y’. And why is that? Purely and simply from here, we don’t want any wrist activities, so if I swing the putter back with my shoulders backwards and forwards, you can see there’s no wrist activity whatsoever. Everything is hinging from the shoulders backwards and forwards, I’ve got control, I have to kiss goodbye to the really wristy action.

So if you want more control, we’ve got to get wrist off – get rid of the wrist activity that you had before. So keep everything solid. A good sort of tip because you might think, “Well I don’t know if I’m actually doing that myself.” Well, in an ideal world if somebody could just get their phone up and actually video what you’re doing, then that’s great, you could actually see it because seeing is believing, isn’t it? But a good tip will be to actually go down your putter grip with your first hand, you maybe get three or four inches and put the ball in a position where its against the side of the grip and against the back of your wrist and then put your hands on. Now if everything is hedging from the shoulders and you keep the letter ‘y’ going back and forward, the ball stays exactly where it is but if I swing the putter back, and all of a sudden my wrist becomes a little bit more lively, then all of a sudden, the ball drops because as I go back and the wrist stood there, you can see there’s an opening appears and the ball drops, it is as simple as that. But you’re thinking oh well, that doesn’t happen to me, trust me if you put that ball in there if it doesn’t get you on the way back, it will get you on the way forward.

But remember to go down a good three or four inches so that ball is being pressed from your wrist to the side of the grip. It’s a very good technique and remember the whole idea of this tip is to say to you wrist bend is a no, no it, there’s no place for it in putting but this is a good tip to make everything nice and make it as one unit and that’s what we want in putting. Body still and everything going together, just like the perfect pendulum. Enjoy.