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Okay. I'm going to talk about how important the aim is to actually get in the ball flying in the right direction and also incorporating good trajectory. So first of all what is good aim? First of all I've got two sticks down here, one is represented with this stick here which is the ball to target line and this here is the feet, this is the body alignment which is running parallel to the actual ball to target line, so a good alignment. A good way of going about it, just imagine you are on the golf course and you are putting the club behind the ball, looking for that target in a distance. First of all what are the chances that are going aim at this little piece of metal over something that is maybe 150, 250 yards away? Very small over the margin, but remember we are senior golfers. So it's alright for maybe the 18 year olds who maybe got better eye focus or whatever or better technique. But we need to kind of think a little bit better a bit more sort of outside the golf post. So what we want to do is this, look at the targets, draw a line back to where the ball is and pick something just literally, just six inches entrance to the ball, cannot be anything easier than this.

Put the club face behind the ball on line for the marker, if the club is behind the ball on like for the marker, it has to be on line for the target, because of what you've done already. From there put your hands into position, put your feet apart. So the feet are only parallel to this ball to target line, which you represent with this stick here. And then from that position, if you are in a good set up and a good alignment, you can imagine you've got a very, very good chance now of swinging the club back and actually swinging the club back on the perfect swing path. Which goes from here on the inside and then it comes from there, back to the ball and then through and there is the finish.

So good alignment is very, very important, very important indeed because if you are not aligning up correctly, how can expect the ball to go where you want it go? So next time you go on practice, just go through a new pre-shot routine and it's as simple as hopefully they’ve made out. Just pick that mark just in front of the ball, put your feet parallel and from there you are in a good starting position and from that you can build a good swing. Bad alignment is a bad swing, so go out, put that into practice and you should see the results coming sooner rather than later.