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Video Transcript

Okay. So what’s the best way of hinging your wrist in the swing? One of the interpretation of how it should it go but let’s talk about what should happen. This is what you should do. So imagine we’ve got now the perfect stance over the golf ball and as we swing the club back, we’re talking about this wrist hinging and what it should do. First of all as we swing the club back, the shoulders, the arm, and the hands should be pushing the club away. As we push the club away there’s a lovely extension going back and then the left wrist will start to hinge into this position. So that’s how the wrists should hinge. Or a simpler way of doing it is to say right, from here, halfway back, this is where we should be. Where the toe of the club is actually open to the air. So if you look from behind, set ourselves up again, we can see how the toe of the club is pointing up and you think well, how easy was that to actually just concentrate. Sometimes it’s easy to concentrate on what the wrist is doing and sometimes it’s easy to kind of focus on right I need to get the club into this position. So let me get it into that position. I mean that you are thinking about it sometimes that wrist is just in the most natural thing in the world but this time you’ve not had to think about what you had to do but where you had to get that club face. So you’ve got two different avenues to go down there with thinking about the wrist going back or actually thinking about the club head being in this position.

Now, I say go back and push away at the arm we hinge the wrist from here and then from there we just turn the shoulders and we get ourselves into a nice position. So the shoulders are going to be at 90 degrees, the wrist have just hinged nicely, as we pull that club back down, bringing that club back down to this position and as we get to here, the hinge start to -- the wrist starts to unhinge from here as we hit that ball, the right forearm will release the club through. So very simple without getting complicated, there’s a breakdown there of what the wrist should do, there’s a picture in your mind, head on and side on where the club should be and we’ve also taken you to the position of where you should be at the top of the back swing by showing you from this point what should happen. It’s not as high as you think but you need to see this. So a video camera, a mobile phone, a mirror, a friend there helping you out. And if you still find yourself struggling because old habits die hard, again go and visit your PGA pro because sometimes to change your movement is much more difficult than actually changing your position. So go out and give it a go. Go out and hit some golf balls but if you struggle go and see your PGA pro.