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Video Transcript

Well, we’re going to talk about pushing putts. What is a push? Well, just to demonstrate I’ve got two sticks down the floor here and if I align myself up nice and parallel with these two sticks, then I will just swing the Putter back and hit the ball and the ball was to go straight to the right, that’s a push. If the ball goes to the right hand side, and predominantly is caused by various things. The most obvious factor is the club face not being square to the target, actually being open which then hits the ball to the right hand side. So that’s first of all what a push is. It’s a ball that goes straight to the right.

So if I was setting up here, I’ve got four balls lined up on the inside and four on the outside and I’ve got my ball in the middle. So if I was pushing it what would be happening from here is I would be swing the Putter back and most probably catching the ball on the inside here and then hitting the ball outside. That’s a swing that goes too much in and too much out and from that movement, you can just see here going in here and going through, that ball is going to be going to the right hand side.

Now you can do this exercise with eight golf balls, you could put Tee pegs on it. Now I’ve been a little bit generous to start with given myself about an inch clearance on either side we don’t want to make it too difficult and if you have got a bad push, it would be very easy to catch these balls. And I want you to put the ball right in the middle of where two balls are right in the middle. So if you didn’t take the club and it goes inside, you may well catch that inside ball or you might catch that on the way through. There is your gateway, there is your alleyway.

Putter behind the ball aligned for the target feet parallel, eyes over the top of the ball very, very important. If you’re standing too far away so your eyes are on the inside, this is a big recipe for a push, because what happens when your eyes are at this side, it makes you take the Putter back very, very much on the inside and then from here back out. So you can see from a demonstration how the inside ball got knocked and this ball was traveling nowhere near remotely to the target.

So set ourselves back up, ball position slightly forward towards the left hill, eyes on the top of the ball. Now the whole idea of the exercise is to keep the Putter straight through the balls. So from here, to the Putter straight back and straight through and if you do that, then everything I lined up in theory. If it’s long it is a flat putt it should go in, but the most important thing here is this is a very simple way of getting your strokes that was absolutely perfect and getting rid of that nasty push. Go and practice.