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Okay we are talking about the subject of three putts. None of us likes doing three putts because it’s an evitable part of the game. Ideally you want to go around the course, in 36 putts to a hole but theirs is always a three putt that creep in so why? What happens?

There’s two parts of putting we want to talk about, there’s the accuracy and there’s also the actual feel, the pace of it, so which is most important to you? Just think about it at the moment, which is more important to you? Answer those two sections.

Well, if you think about the accuracy, how often do you miss the whole six seven feet wide, very rare, isn’t it? Very, very rare so accuracy really isn’t the biggest problem here, in three putts, it’s more of the distance. How many times have you left that put four foot short, four foot longer? How many times have you missed that hole four foot wide? I bet there’s not many times so I thinking about it, we are thinking about three putt and how we can do this maneuver. It’s all about really controlling the ball speed so I was to give you a simple tip, think about it. When you dissect what you’re doing in the putting, what I’ve just said or not will most probably say yes it’s right that I don’t miss the putts by this far wide but its that far long. How do we get that better feel, that better control? There’s a couple of things you can do, the first is griping your putter, the putter you can get a nice incentive in your putter then you get a lot more control or softer feel and that’s going to be helping you immensely. But a good sort of tip for you will be to say, look at the hole that you are going to put club about six feet behind or a tip like six feet behind and one six foot in front of it. Another way to do it is to gauge the field, is to put the putter back, stroke it and get it to side the zone.

This a drill and the idea is six foot long, six foot short, remember it was never about the accuracy this way, it was the length of the putts because [Indiscernible] [0:02:06] three put, too short, too long and as you put inside that zone, let’s say six balls, make a note, bring the tee pegs another foot closer, both ways and putt again, and keep putting inside that zone bringing it closer and closer.

I would say it’s much free style for say, eight foot ten foot and would you wait further away around the green and choose different holes. Remember what we’re trying to teach you here is feel and control. That is why most people three putt so go in the putting ring, have a goal of what I was saying to you, this two tee pegs, one six foot long and the hole was six foot short and after so many balls, bring those markers in, and get within the zone because that’s what it’s all about, keep the ball within the zone and you’re going to knock those three putts down to more like two putts. I think in a hole a few putts but remember, you need to practice, it won’t happen in five minutes, feel is something that people can’t teach but we can teach you a method which creates a feel for you. Go and put this into practice today.