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I wish they would take those tin cans away. Right so I’m ready. So can a weaker grip help me master those soft lob shots? Yes, the answer is, but let's talk about what is a soft lob shot? Well just imagine you are just around the green maybe just 10 yards away from the green, but you have got a big bunker a big gaping deep bunker between you and the green. The flag just tucked on the other side of the pin so you can get this image in your mind like me at the moment, it’s almost I need to kind of just get the ball and just throw it right up in the air and land it – as soft as possible because I have got to carry the bunker I have got to land it soft. So anything going low is going to go low and have a top spin on, so a soft lob shot. So hopefully in your mind you think yeah I have got that image now, is one that we throw right up in the air. So first of all club selection, club selection just go with the most lofted club so ideally a 60 degree lob wedge, 62, 64 that’s the club really to play that soft lob shot if you’ve got one in your bag. If not I’m going to show you the technique of try and create it but the more loft you have got the better.

So slightly a weaker grip. A slightly weaker grip is important because a normal grip would be where the V is going to between my chin and my right shoulder, in this place here. A slightly weaker grip is where I move my left hand slightly back so it's now going to the left of the club for us right handed golfers. And that will allow my right hand to, sit more on the top, now the importance of this is a couple of things, first of all let me put that club face down what we don’t want to do is what we see in a normal golf swing where the hand is normally coming into the ball and release the club rotating the club face from what was square to a club face that’s coming in closing as we actually release through we don’t want that, we want the hands to be inactive, so a weak grip helps us.

So we have shown you the position of the hands, ball position when you want to play a soft lob shot it's very important that we have actually set ourselves up with the ball forward in the stance. And the reason for this is we want this club to literally come into the ball and hit right underneath the ball rotate the club face to slide right underneath. So we have got the grip we have got the ball position. The setup as you know for any sure game shot would be one where the feet are top the left what we call an open setup. So from this position here if I set myself up there is the ball position and my hands are in a nice position where they’re nice and straight with the club face, they are not too far ahead and they are certainly not behind, always have your hands lightly forward. So you have got the picture in your mind from here, now let's look from the angle now this is the important bit.

Here is a setup, I need to make sure that we hold this club face in the position as it was at as addressed so the weak grip is going to do this and the ball position being so far forward will allow this club to slide right underneath okay. As we set ourselves up in this position the ball forward because we have got a weak grip it allows my shoulders to go slightly left, so you can see my shoulders are aiming left of the target here not parallel as we would normally do. From this position here this would allow me then to swing the club back on a line which would be slightly outside the line and then from there we would come inside the line, but because that grip was weak remember the position here, not there back here, the hands are now docile they are sleepy so as we come in the club face is in the same position as it was when it started and the club face will slide right across the ball imparting lots and lots of spin up in the air and it will land soft. So lets demonstrate the golf shot in real time, here is the setup weak, grip left hand back and from here I am just going to concentrate here I am just swinging it with my arms, weight left side and up very, very high golf shot coming down and it stopped almost dead, so now you have got the knowledge a slightly weaker grip can help you play those soft lob shots even better.