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How can a drill a swing in the golf club as you help me with my swing, with my balance, with my rhythm? Well very, very simple if you think about it, when you set up to the golf ball and your feet are wide apart, the body can do anything; you could sway off the ball and then sway back to the ball and you wouldn’t really know other than they are about to hit a bad golf shot. Basically when you in the game of golf you can imagine there are so many falls, you can look on all these sorts of websites and type in all sorts of different things, the list is as long as your arm if not longer all the different things that you can do. So a good drill to actually get this 10-point rhythm good, will be to do something which is very, very simple that I see two few golfers do. And that’s just rhythm and tempo are very, very important, you could actually have a very, very good set up, if that tempo and rhythm was fast, it would pull your club out of position, your body out of position; so let’s work on this principle of hitting the ball with your feet together. Let’s get the benefits.

If I put my feet together with the ball n the middle; so my feet are touching, my knees are touching I’ve got my knees flexed. Now weight is now based over a very, very narrow area, I love this drill I use this with my coaching the lot. If I say that you that you keep those knees flexed now and swing the club back and maintain your balance, if I went back to here, you can see I’ve still got my feet together, my knees – my knees have obviously still turned, but because I’ve still got to have that action of turning, but I have maintained my balance. Now I can guarantee that 99% of you are doing the same set up with the knees flexed; would most probably end up doing this – and losing your balance. Now before you say we’re just doing that on purpose, why don’t you go out and try this, if you put your feet together and during the course of the impact, your spine must have come up like this, the after effects is it will go backwards and because your balance is based over such a tiny little area, there’s no room for error.

So this is a great way of highlighting what problem, say you can’t go to you profession, it’s too far away or I can’t afford golf lessons but I keep losing my balance, if you can carry on with your feet together and knees together and concentrate on swinging the club back, I’ve still got position, I‘ve still got balance, still where I want to be and hit the golf shot I’ve still got the balance, then you got tempo, you got rhythm, they are too composed that people tend to kind of leave by the way side and focus on other components.

So one of the best drills I’ve ever come across and I use time and time again, hit some balls with your feet together, contain that swing and if you find yourself falling backwards, it’s because that you are tending to come up out to the shot. If you find yourself going and falling backwards and that impact I will be you a pound a penny, you’ve simply tried to hit the ball up in the air. So I'm not making this look too hard hopefully and I'm not exaggerating it and the only way you are going to find out how good this exercise is, is to go onto your practice ground or driving range or golf course you think, right. I'm just going to try a few of these golf shots, set up with your driver, free with whatever, put your feet together and try to hit those balls, and before you think you are going to lose tremendous distance, you are not. Why? Because you are more lightly when you time this perfectly to find in the middle of the face and get better shots better, so what have you got to lose, go and put it into practice today.