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Video Transcript

So if you want to become a bit of a shot maker, it’s really important you understand that a golf ball just can’t draw and fade. But it has to start to the side of the target, to then draw into the target and to start the side of the target to then fade in; we can’t hit the ball in a dead straight line and then draw off to the side and into a bunker, or start that straight and fade into a pond over here.

So here is a little exercise to see whether you can start the ball on the right line. The first thing that I’ve done is I’ve just taken a swing stick and I’ve placed it in the ground on my intended target line which is hopefully lined up dead down the camera line here. I’ve got the golf ball on the cross so I know that’s always going to stay in the same position, and again the white line on the flow will help encourage me to understand that’s my intended target.

Then I’m going to go ahead and hit a series of golf shots that will draw or fade around this stick. And it is very important I understand that a draw cannot start left of this stick because that would be a pull. So if it starts left and then draws it’s definitely not going to hit the target. Likewise if I’m trying to hit a fade start right of this intended target and then fades out, that’s going to be more of a push here or a cut. So with this stick here, really encourages me to understand that my body, my club face, my swing path all need to be setting off down one side to encourage to come back or down another side to encourage the ball to come back.

The useful aspect of this out on a golf courses, if this was for example a tree bid, a thin tree or a slightly larger tree, I could work on the same principle, that although I know my intended target is behind the stick, I know that I need to start the ball to one side of the stick and work round all the other side of the stick, and work round. And it’s a great way of checking that you are a good sort of shot maker and you have a good understanding of ball flight.

Now it’s ideal if you place this on the ground sort of five to eight yards in front of you, and the swing stick’s perfect, it’s not too big; it’s not going to cause too much damage if you hit it.

Then try that on the practice range next time you are setting up on the practice range. Pick a target out in the distance that’s your ultimate target, place a swing stick in the ground five to eight yards in front of you; make sure your ball position points right at it and then try and go ahead and shake the ball around it. Practice that through the winter and you will be a great shot maker when you get on the golf course next year.