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Now the standard benefits of these more forgiving game improvement irons fall into sort of three major differences. The first thing would be a larger club head, simply on a game improvement iron the club head would sit a little bit bigger, so it looks thicker from the top, it’s measured longer from toe to heel, a thicker sole plate. So when you look down on the golf ball that bigger club head almost gives you a little bit more comfort as it sits behind the ball, it just looks like a larger target to hit at quite simply. The next thing we’d also see is that because that club head is bigger they throw a lot of the weight to the outside of the club head, so it’s a big cavity back or a big perimeter waiting. Think about a tennis racket, take a tennis racket, you all the weight round the outside everything inside that area effectively becomes a hitting area or a sweet spot. Now in a forging golf club, there is still a real sweet spot right in the center, that’s the bit where it feels best, but the area around that is still quite nice, it will still work quite well so it’s a much more forgiving club head over the entire face.

Then one other benefits would be one of the features that you’ll find quite often on these game improvement clubs, is a softer flex shaft, so generally the shaft of the golf club has a little bit more flexing in it so it’s going to be a lighter flex shaft, it’s going to encourage the club head to be swung a little bit quicker. So it’s aimed really at golfers who don’t swing particularly fast, what we mentioned the tour pros would necessarily be that interested in this game improvement looking clubs and other ones that generally have the faster swings. So the beginners, the less advanced golfers, maybe even the seniors and the ladies are going to benefit from the bigger club head, the softer flex shaft to encourage the ball to fly a long way from any contact point on that club head. So the perimeter weighting, the larger club head, and the softer flex shaft are the three key features that you would generally see on game improvement irons in comparison to better players’ golf clubs.