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Video Transcript

You are looking to increase the distance that you can hit your drives, then try the following swing tip the next time you are at the range and work into your game so that you really do see a massive improvement in the yardage you can create when you are out on the golf course. Just get into a really good setup position so we are playing the ball from inside the left heel. We’ve got the club head next to the ball with the hands over the crown of the club and your nose to the right of your hand. So this is a really good setup position to hit your driver. Just set your weight back slightly onto your right foot so that you’ll take the club head away from the ball, sweep it away a nice slow angle and approach with a real sweeping action into the ball. Now what we want to do is swing to the top and set a 90 degree angle between the left arm and the shaft of the club. So that’s a really nice angle there and we still have a lot of power up in the wrists. I just bring back down, we are going to work on holding the angle. So as you swing and really work on holding on to that 90 degree angle until you’ve the club into this position. Where the hands are now just on the inside of the right thigh and the left arm is pointing down between the left and the right foot. Once you’ve got into this position you’ve held this angle for as long as possible your right elbow will be tucked in to the right side of your body.

To hold this angle, now to hit the ball just release your right arm and extend your right arm through the shot and that really creates a lot of power for you that extension of that lever. So we are going to swing from the top, create this angle and then really work on holding this angle till the last second before you hit the ball. You’ve done that you’ll now be able to release the right arm, extend it through as you hit into this position and then continue into a well balanced finish position. So releasing the right arm as the lever into the ball really creates a lot of club head speed and you’ll find that you really increase the distance that you are able to hit your drives.