Video Series

Video Transcript

I'm just going little pitch shot now, facing to the camera so you can see how I'm going to pitch the ball this way. I'm going to hold one particular part of my technique and then talk about how and why this is going to be beneficial to your game. You can see in this position here as I've turned through, I am going to bring that back around to the camera now. You can see how it came through there, the club face this area here, stayed open, I held the club face open with my left wrist, so I pitch through the ball and held the club face open.

Now, when we’re pitching, we’d like to hold the club face open in this position as opposed to rolling over as we might do in a normal full swing. So my full swing would have been turned over through here, my pitching swing holding the club face open. Now one of the things that we often see the professionals do so well on the TV is they hit these little pitch shots from around the green 20, 30 yards after the back shot was and you’ll see them land the ball on the side of the green and then it spins and the club golfer sees that ball, checking it. Like, how did he do that?

I want to be able to do that, I want to be able to stop the ball on the green. Now, one of the keys to the technical side of doing that as a golfer is holding the club face open. The benefit of holding the face open is it keeps the ball traveling online to the target and it keeps the loft on the face. Now, the loft on the face really gets that ball up in the air and adds the spin. If we were to roll the club face over and turn the face down to the floor, you'd see the club be delofted at the point of impact.

The ball would go lower and the ball would roll out too aggressively. So holding the face open is quite a benefit when we’re hitting those pitch shots and then in these next little miniseries of videos, we’re going to work on the techniques of how you can hold the face open and the benefit that’s going to have to your game particularly when you’re chipping and pitching the golf ball around the green.