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One of the worst pieces of advice I hear golfers of high handicaps or beginners giving each other is to keep their head down, keep their heads still. And if you actually look at the world’s top players they’re heads do move during the swing. A professional would never give you that advice to keep your head down and your head still during your goal swing. On the down swing most better players actually squat into their golf shots, squat into the swing which will involve a deeping action in the head because it helps to generate power. If you look at how you through or freeplex any of this ball, if it’s javelin or service movement in tennis to generate power and distance will notice that in all of those sports there’s a deep down and then an explotional to release the power.

And it’s the same in the golf swing; we want that sort of squatting action into the down swing so we can explode back up. So swinging in the club back as we take the club back we make it good short turn with the shoulders we get to the top of the swing here where you’ll notice is better players actually squat down and since the slight deeping in their head as the club comes in so that they can then explode up and there is a lifting of their head as they hit the ball and release that power through.

Now as you do this you must be careful to maintain your spine angle. So spine angle here if we look this way on with better players, they are not altering spine angle, they are just deeping down as they are coming into the shot and then exploding up. So spine angle is being maintained. What they’re not doing is deeping down like this. If you start to actually drop your head in your spine angle, you are going to hit very fat shots and you won’t be able to shift your weight through so you want to generate more power. But holding the spine angle maintaining that and using the squatting action in the legs will really help you generate a lot more power.