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Video Transcript

Using exercise balls and dumbbells is a great way to isolate different parts of the body that you might need to work on. Now the shoulders are a great power deliverer, in the golf shot, as the arms actually straighten out, you need the strength and you need the flexibility within that part of the body to really help deliver the power but also the overall balance to the swing. Now a great way to isolate the shoulders in the upper back is to use lifts on a medicine ball. Now very simply get the medicine ball just behind the actual dumbbells, roll yourself forward onto the exercise ball and then onto the dumbbells as well. Now you can use both dumbbells at the same time try to get the raise up, but it’s a lot simpler to begin with just to go one at a time. So put pressure down on the left dumbbell, and begin to raise the right.

Then swap over a little bit of pressure on the right dumbbell, and begin to raise the left. Now using the exercise balls I’m all always trying to fight and find my balance point. So my core muscles are being engaged as I try and balance and using the dumbbells to lift allows me to engage my shoulder muscles and strengthen those at the same time. And it really just starts to focus and actually take your breathe away if you do quite a few of this. But you can use this as a great way to work on a lot of parts of the body at the same time but mostly to really focus on this shoulder muscles which will help deliver a little bit more punch of power into the shot.