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So this game is called knock in the tee peg. What I've done there is I've pushed a wooden tee peg into the back of the hole cup directly in the center of the hole cup. And I've set myself up around about 3 feet away from the hole, and the idea here is to line ourselves up and try to make a good solid putting stroke that tries to knock that tee peg into the hole. Now if the ball is going straight into the middle of the hole at decent speed like that one did I'll be able to bounce it off the top of the tee peg and try and knock the tee peg in. Now a little bit of an awkward stroke on that last one that quite a big pull stroke really halfway through the conversation and starting to pull the ball offline. So lining up again dead straight trying to push that right in the middle and again able to knock the tee peg right on the head.

Now the benefit of this putting game here is it should help encourage your stroke to be nice and straight back in through and quite brisk quite firm trying to get the ball to go into the hole with enough speed that you get the visualization the idea that you're actually trying to knock the tee peg into the hole rather than just getting the ball dribbling over the font edge. You might miss the occasional pull that's not the end of the world. What we want is good visualization and good sort of committed putting. So we're not dribbling the ball in the front edge. We're not making wishy-washy strokes back through straight in the middle if we can do. Then when you go on the golf course and you face one of these tricky little 3 footers visualize the hole, visualize the tee peg in the back of the hole and again the action of trying to knock it straight in the middle so the ball hits the tea peg and knocks the tea peg back into the hole. And if you can practice that on the putting green take that visualization out into the golf course you'll be knocking in 3 footers for fun.