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So here I've set myself foot with the jump the club golf game. All I've done is I've taken standard wedge. I've laid it down on the ground about 3, 4 inches shy of the hole. I'm going to try and hold three putts in a row from here jumping the club, and this is a fantastic game for those people that don't quite commit to hitting the ball at the right speed towards the hole because to get the ball to jump over the hole and go in, we need to be quite assertive, quite positive, quite aggressive almost to get the ball up to the hole. If I hit this last one too shy, wishy-washy it's not going to clear. That might have gone in without the club there, but because the clubs in the way teach me to be a little more brisk, a bit more positive. And for lots of golfers if they were more brisk and more positive with their putts more would go in. There's less opportunity for it to break, less opportunity for it to bubble, less opportunity for it to finish short of the hole. I mean let's be fair from 4, 5 feet away here leaving a putt short of the hole is a – is criminal really. We got to be more positive. We got to try and get everything rolling towards the hole.

So having a more positive approach trying to get this jumping the golf club so it goes in, it's going to help me a lot more positive with your putts. So lay shaft down 5, 6 inches short of the hole, straight at it, nice and positive. You go on the golf course, you'll be more committed from those sort of 4, 5, 6 foot putts and you'll start holding a better percentage.