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If you want to maximize your club head speed and your distance on the shot, it's really important that we accelerate the golf club to its fastest point, just the vital parts. There's no point having all of your club head speed maximum velocity here, and create the problem of slowing down as you get to impact. How it reaccelerate to your fastest point as you hit the golf ball and after you hit the golf ball as well, to really get that feel that you're punching through the golf ball as fast as possible.

It's noticeable when you watch these guys, the karate chop guys that chop through big blocks of wood, they never talk about hitting the block of wood. They talk about hitting 6 or 8 inches below the block of wood. They take their hand down and just keep going through the wood to a fixed point beneath it. It's the same basic thing happening when we hit a golf ball. We don't want to hit the ball and stop at the ball. I want to encourage you to hit through the golf ball, cause maximum velocity, at and after impact.

So what I've done here is, I've taken a tee-peg and start by placeing it in the ground, about 8 inches past my golf ball. I'm now going to use that as my focal point. I'm actually going to imagine that my ball is on that tee-peg. Therefore I can bring the club down through the impact area as fast as possible, hitting this ball but chasing my club forwards to the black tee-peg as if that's where my golf ball was. So I don't hit this, which might mean that actually I'm slowing down from this point onwards. I aim to hit this, which should encourage me to be quicker and quicker and quicker, right the way through impact.

And you can do this when you practice. Stick a ball on a tee peg and stick another tee-peg in the floor. My job now is to actually try knock this tee-peg over as I hit this ball. So I'm going to set myself up, I'm going to hit my golf ball, and I'm going to try and hit the black tee-peg after my ball as well.

And I make a really nice, solid contact on the golf ball with plenty of power, and my tee-peg at the front disappears because I was focused on that, I was staying down to hit that, and that was where I got maximum velocity.