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Video Transcript

If you are still struggling with skying the golf ball what we could look at now is maybe there is issues within your swing that is creating the problem. So, we are doing a setup particularly with the driver from the front arm view so the camera can see me here. I have got to be very careful in my backswing that I make a good weight shift and I keep my body weight relatively neutral, may be 5% extra 10% extra goes in towards my right side, but the danger with skying the golf ball would be very much this motion, getting on to my left side. So, either getting on to my left side in my backswing or actually getting on to my left side too early in my downswing, it’s this very steep angle of attack, this big drive to the left which might work okay with an iron, but it’s down on to the left side getting steep, it’s definitely not where I really want to be but I am swinging with my driver. Should be very conscious of your weight position, your weight movement and making sure you are not getting too far left too early with your driver, feel like you stay behind it and sweep a little bit more on the way up.

Other considerations that you might have if you are still popping the ball up with your driver is maybe your golf swing is too long and it’s not very well connected, it’s not compact. So, if your golf swing is too long and too far here, firstly you will be a little out of control anyway, but secondly that can lead into the fact that if it’s very long, you have moved too far left by the time the club hitting the golf ball so again you get steep.

And lastly that lack of connection, if we get the hand and the arms moving up away from the body too much again we get steep, we get long, we get too aggressive. If we make shorter more compact, more lent behind the golf ball position and maintain the stay behind the ball position there is very, very little chance of you skying that golf ball if you haven’t got it teed-up ridiculously high and you get this turn away stay behind with a compact and relatively short swing almost no chance of you skying the golf ball so hopefully with those changes, you can eradicate that popped up or skied tee shot.