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So the staying alive golf game is a great pressure builder to help you work on your short putting. What we've got here is we've got five golf balls. Now think of those five golf balls like you've got five lives. We've taken one putter length away from the hole. We've got a 3 foot putt. I'm going to try and hole as many as we can from 3 feet away and if we can hole them we keep the life. We keep a life to go to the next level. And as you go back in your levels you'll appreciate these lives become increasingly important to us so we want to try and hole as many as we can in this level 1 from 3 feet. Ah, what a buffle did that take? I nearly took off through that okay so I take 4 and I go back to the next level. So I've got level 1 and then I've got level 2 and I'm back to here. Now I'm not going to sort of bore you by holeing too many of these, but the ideal situation here would be go back to level 2 try and hole as many as you can. Those that go in you keep, you go back to level 3, level 4 and you win the game if you get one putt from level 5.

Level 5 would mean that you've hole enough putts early on to keep enough balls alive to get back out there to 5 putter lengths away from the hole and then you've holed the putt there as well. Now my record play in this game I do this game a lot with my clients, I take my clients on to this game. My record at this game is level 7, [Indiscernible] [0:01:44] I got lucky with one ball. I think I had one ball at level 4, I'm going to holed it level 5, holed it level 6, holed it at level 7 as well. Sometimes you'll miss a load early on. You'll just keep one ball alive. What we'd like to try to do is keep as many balls alive as long as possible. Level 5 is when you have won the game. One ball from level 5 means you have won. So staying alive hole in from here every ball that misses goes out. As you go to the next level try and keep as many golf balls alive as you can to go back to the next level and so on and so on. Great pressure builder you'll be much better short putter if you can keep a ball alive to level 5.