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Video Transcript

Here is a great drill to help you improve your putting stroke and get your hold in loads more puts because you are hitting the ball out a lot straighter. All we are going to do is take 80 packs and as you can see here we’ve created a channel. So you could just do this on the grain just push your tee packs in normally. If you are at home practicing on the carpet just turn the tee upside down so they balance on the carpet.

So if we set the tee up we want to make sure that we’ve got about an inch or two gap between each of the tee. We created a parallel line on either side of the target line. We are just going to use this area to swing the putter directly though. So if I hit the put correctly, my eyes are directly over the ball or just on me inside I’ve got nice white stands. Balls in the center of my stands and I’m letting my arms down angle and I want to hit the put so that I swing the putter and hit the ball without knocking any of the tee over.

If I swing this way, you will see I will knock the tee over and similarly if I swing this way, again I’ll take the tee out. So this channel will really help you to get the putter head swinging in a straight line and if you are keep to face to root the target and aiming at the target you’ll hit the ball directly out along the target line that’ll have your hole in lots more puts when you are on the grain you’ll really see your scores drop because you will be taking fewer shots around the grain.