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Now here is a great putting game. It's a pretty tried and tested putting game, but I've got a couple of different levels for you to play it on. So we're going to call it the compass putting game simply working on the north, east, south, and west compass points. Now initially I've taken one club length back away from the hole and normally you take the flag out. I've just left the flag in here purely so that the camera can see where the hole is a little bit more clearly sometimes it's difficult to see it. What we do here, start on the north side and just go around putting in from one club length away. What I would like you to do then is just keep going round until you miss taking account of how many putts you've taken and then repeat that process each and every time you come to tee off or before you tee off on the golf course so get to the putting green 10 minutes early. Lay your club out there one club length, compass points and see if you can go round a couple of times would be good. Eight putts before you miss would be okay. The stat show is out on the golf course.

A professional golfer is holding 95% of these putts so they're missing one in twenty. A club handicap golfer is holding between 90 and 80%. Anything less than 80% of these putts going in on your scores are going to go through the roof. So have a good go with this. See if you can twice round before you miss that would be you holding at least your 80%. Once you got level one sorted and you're able to achieve that start taking the balls out a little bit further. We could add another foot each time. So we've done it once round level one. So we've had one, two, three, four putts on level one. We take it back a foot further. We go to four feet out with all the golf balls go around again on level two. If you hold them all go back out another foot to level three. What you find is that difference between three feet and six feet the percentage of putts hold drops off massively so the four, five, six footers are the really key important putts for you to practice and his compass drill works out great.

It's better for you to practice going around the hole in the compass points rather than just standing here and hitting 80% of your putts in from here because you'll notice if you take the same putt every time you get very accustomed to that break. The benefits of these putt is all of the different breaks it covered. Here we've got uphill and therefore we've got downhill. Here we've got left to right and now we've got right to left. So going round the putting hole like this we get a view of all of the different brakes that we can get and then we can start to add lengths to our putts as well. Do the compass drill game. Say from three feet you can get 80% or more success rates and then extend it out further from there.