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Video Transcript

There is a number of times that you might decide you want to hit a knock down or a punch golf shot on the golf course. It might be that you’ve got a big cross wind or a big head wind and you don’t want the ball to fly too high up into the air. It might be that you got a tree branch in front of you, you’ve got to go under a tree branch and get the ball up on to the green or it might be that you just want to see the ball realizing up the green towards the back pin position.

So we talk about hitting a knock or a punched golf shot and the easiest way you can do that is take a decent club, maybe one club more than you would normally take, so you don’t have to hit this ball particularly hard. Play the ball slightly further back in your stance, that takes the height out of it and then swing nice and easy. So we take an eight iron here maybe like say I’ve got 110 yards so I have got way more club than I would actually need to hit 110 yards but quite important I'm not going to try and hit this hard, I'm going to play it back in my stance, I’m going to grip down a little bit for extra control, I'm going to swing smooth and easy.

That’s a nice little punch out there, comes out about 110 yards but way, way lower than my standard eight iron would do. If I took a normal eight iron I would play the ball much more forwards in the stance just around about middle, you grip it full length and hit it hard and that might go 140, 150 something of that nature. But for those knock down shorter punch shots, more back in the stance, more hands ahead and swing nice and easy. Keep the ball flight lower; keep it fizzing forwards, that’s a great way of how you can hit lower punch shots.