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Video Transcript

We are going to look at how to create a knockdown golf shot during this swing tip. Okay, what we want to do is set up in the following way. So we are going to set the feet just below shoulder width apart, and then we are going to pull the left foot directly back about 4 to 6 inches. The reason we are doing that is we are not going to be making a full backswing during this, this shot. So we need to allow the hits to just rotate out of the way. We need to get the left hip out of the way so it gives room for the arms and the club to swing down the target line and at the target.

We are going to hold the club slightly lower than we usually would to get more, more accuracy and more consistency and make it a little easier to get the club head back to the ball. Next we are going to set the ball towards the right side of the stances if you are a right handed golfer. So rather than playing the ball from the middle to the left of the stance here we are going to have the ball from the middle to the right foots the balls back in the stance. And this is going to encourage you to make a downward movement to the ball and as the club head descends on to the ball its going to be more de-lofted than it usually would.

A knockdown shot we are looking to hit a ball very, very low. So it’s a great shot to have if you are playing under the winds. It helps you to be more accurate because the wind won’t be blowing the ball off target. And also it’s a great shot to have if you need to play under trees. Instead of just playing an easy chip shot to the side you can actually start to get back into the hole and maybe make the green if you can hit this knockdown shot you’ll create a lot of run once you land on the fairway.

So set up position again we are going for from instead of being in our normal position with our feet for alignment we are going to pull the left foot directly back it allows the left side to get out of the way. So the arms can swing through the shot we are going to place the ball to the right of center that will allow us to get the club back to the ball with a slightly more de-lofted club face position. And we are going to hold lower down on the handle to help us control the club head more.

Okay we’ve now got to look at the relationship between the left arm and the club. We want to keep a really straight line from the left shoulder through the left hand into the club head. And we want to maintain these three points in this straight line position throughout the golf swing. So we are going to take that straight line back and we can only swing to about waist high with this shot. We don’t want to hinge the wrist at all. As soon as we hinge the wrist at all, as soon as we hinge the wrist we’ll start to get a higher club head position and you’ll strike down onto the ball more and generate heights.

So keep the straight line, swing it to the right and then as you swing through, bring the club back keeping that straight line between the left shoulder, the left hand and the club head, and present the club head back to the ball, so we’ve got this forwardly in look in the shaft. Again this will encourage the club face to become straighter so we’ll hit a lower shot out. Once we struck the ball we are going to see a very, very stunted and short follow through position because we are still working on keeping that straight line between the left shoulder, left hand and club head.

So that will make sure that you don’t add more loft on to the club as you strike and the ball is going to fly out really low. So work on that straight line, stamp the follow through, really keep the straight line and the ball flight is going to go out really low. Once it hits the ground it's going to kick on a long way so if you are in trouble you’ll get right back into the shot.