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Video Transcript

I think we should all be aware now, how important alignment is to when you are setting up to the golf ball. To the side there that you are pointing everything in the right direction and then swinging in the right direction. Now maybe on your tee shots, that’s more important than ever, because you actually are going to hit the ball further, so you’re distance off-line is going to be exaggerated.

If you get this wrong, so when you are standing on the teeing ground, hopefully the tee box is nice and square with all the grass cutting and exactly in the direction where you want to aim, but that won’t always be the case. It might be worth next time you play your own course, just standing back behind the golf ball, looking down the tee box and just make sure that the grass is all cut in the right direction and the tees are all lined up. Because some golf course designers or greenkeepers, deliberately point you a little bit off line and maybe if there is dogleg or a crosswind, it’s not the line you want to be hitting on anyway.

So when you’re standing here and you’ve got straight lines, all stripping in all nice grass, if that’s not going in the direction you are wanting to play in and actually hitting across that line can be really quite awkward and quite difficult, so here is a little tip that Jack Nicklaus used, to keep yourself really nice if you lined up. He would often stand behind the back of his golf ball and look down the target line checking that the grass is or isn’t going in the right line and then actually if it’s not going in the right line, if it’s not straight, pick another object on the floor pointing in the direction you want to go in, so that might be an old divot or a broken tee peg or just a blade of grass.

I am using a golf ball head, just to signify the same thing, but I would pick a spot here pointing in the direction I want to go in and then I’d align myself up, my feet, knees, hips, and shoulder, square to that object, so everything is pointing nice and straight. Now I am trying to disregard the stripes on the grass or the stripes on the tee box, if they are not accurate, so using my pointing front, setting up nice and square, now my job pretty much is to drill the golf ball straight over the top of my object and trust that that’s on line and trying to disregard everything else around it, because if they are going to put me off, I don’t want to follow those lines, I pick my object, I am going to trust my object, hit the golf ball cleanly over the top of the object and hopefully look up to see the ball sailing straight down the fairway.