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As a beginner looking to set your steps out onto the golf course it’s really important that you pick the right type of golf course for your first few rounds but also the right teeing grounds to use when you are actually out on the golf course. I often relate learning to play golf as the same as learning to drive a car. And you wouldn’t learn to drive a car in the fast lane of a freeway or the fast lane of a motorway. You’d learn to drive a car in a nice quiet country road where there is less pressure and there is less things to go wrong. Try and do the same thing when you go out on the golf course. So if it’s your first few rounds pick a golf course where it’s just solely made up of par three holes. Holes where you can see the green, holes where you know that if one or two of your best shots happen you will be able to get near the green in one or two shots.

If I put a brand new beginner on a 550 yard par five and say if you go play that one, they’d get into trouble straightway. They’d probably become very despondent and they’d probably stop enjoying the game and don’t forget golf is meant to be fun. So when you found the right golf course and it’s not too long and it’s not too difficult you’re then you got to choose the right tee markers. Now as often a little bit of stigma relating to tee markers that the back tee markers are for the guys and then the forward tee markers are the guys when they are not in competition. And then there is, the ladies’ tees and then there is the junior tee. Well I remember when I was 17 years old and because I was under 18 I was still classed as a junior.

And they said right you’ve now got to start playing off the junior tees at the front. Well I had a two handicap at the time and I held a course record at my own course of the back tees. And they put me off the front tees and I can tell you it was like playing a par three golf course except mean no challenge and no enjoyment. But having said that if you have a brand new beginner and they walk onto the golf course but we are going to play them off the back markers at 7000 yards where it’s 200 yards to clear the water and they can’t enjoy the game from back there. So let’s not get too bogged down between gents’ tees, ladies’ tees, junior tees. Pick a set of tees that you think is appropriate for your level, your skill level your ability.

Look at how far the Carry is to the Fairway if it’s 150 yards to clear the Fairway but you can’t hit it more than 140 yards then clearly you are on the wrong set of tees you are not going to enjoy that. And ultimately you are going to slow down play. So just asking the clubhouse or in the before you go out and play, is it okay of a player for this set of markers today because I think that’s going to suit my ability better. Golf is there to be enjoyed and as you progress and as you get better you can move back down the tee markers and ultimately you will end up on the tombstones with everybody else playing right at the back in the tournaments in the competitions. But don’t learn to try and play golf in the fast lane of the freeway or the motorway. Learn to take it steady to start with play the short courses, play off the front tees and progress and progress and keep enjoying it that way.