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So hopefully now you're in a position where you really understand the importance of greens in regulation. You know what you should be trying to do to improve your greens in regulation and you've now understood some analytics of how you can find out your greens in regulation, how -you can find out how to improve on your greens in reg. But there's one thing that a good greens-in-regulation type of player will be doing well, is they'll be hitting in the tee shot well. It's very, very difficult to suggest that your greens in regulation stats aren’t very good if you're never getting the ball on the fairway. That's one of the other stats that we can look at is fairway, so fairways hit on a round of golf. And ideally each time you hit the fairway, you should be giving yourself a decent chance to get the ball on the green in regulation. And sometimes you might not have hit the fairway, but if you're five yards to the semi-left or right and you've got a pitching wedge on, that should still be a good chance to get the ball on the green in regulation. But if you're spraying your tee shots left and right and knocking yourself in to bushes, clearly it's not expected that you’re going to get a green in regulation and certainly you couldn't blame your iron shot if you didn't hit that green in reg because actually your driver was the troublesome club.

So next time you go out and play, rather than hitting drive off every tee, consider which club off the tee will give me the best chance of getting a green in regulation. So if it's a relatively short par 4, let’s say it's only 300 yards, I could hit a hybrid off the tee and I could hit a pitching wedge onto the green and still hit my green in regulation. If it's a 450 yard par 4, hitting a hybrid off the tee probably doesn't leave me with much chance of hitting the green in regulation. So simply use your tee shots and your club selection off the tee as an opportunity to set yourself up down the fairway to be able to hit the green in regulation. So just consider, it's almost like a game of chess, you got to play one move back. I’m trying to hit the green in regulation where do I want my tee shot to be, which club do I need to use off the tee to let me hit that green in regulation. Hit better tee shots with right course management and you can start hitting more greens in regulation.