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This ladder putting drills one of my favorite games to help people with distance control we're going to hit different puts going different distances. The first putt just rolls down there around about 10-15 fifteen feet away. Then we're going to try and hit the next ball past the first one and you can see how that one rolls just past the original ball. Then we're going to focus on hitting the next ball past that one trying to make the swing a little bit longer. I have actually hit that one into which is a shame because it would have rolled just about 6 inches past trying to hit this one to the side. Next one going past the third one, going up there past the third one and then last one going past that one as well. I hit him a bit short. It’s a bit short. It’s not quite fast enough. Ideally this ball would roll past this ball and then I would have five balls laid out as a little ladder.

Then we're going to try and do is measure the distance, the gap between ball number one and ball number five. We want to try and get that gap down as narrow and as tight as possible. So ideally if we could get ball number one and ball number five around about 5 feet apart each ball has a foot difference, a foot further that would be quite good. Now the way I play this normally with my clients is if they hit the ball short like I did there, I would have to take that ball back so I take this pull back here and I'd also take a penalty ball as well. I'd have to have another ball and then both of these would have to be included in the scoring zone. So I would hit that one past. I've made sure that one is got past. Then hit another ball and see how close I can get those. See if I can get those within one, two, three, four, five paces or 5 feet I would have just about manage that drill that time.

Now the benefits of this drill is when you're out on the putting green or when you're out in the golf course trying to hole putts, let's say you look at a putt [Indiscernible] [0:01:57] sort of 15 foot putt, I know how hard to hit that. But if it's slightly uphill we'll need a bit more power. Well how much of a bit more can you add on? If you can give it a little extra foot that would be perfect. If it's into the wind and extra little foot, if it's on a slow green that's just had some rain on it an extra little foot would work nicely. So if your distance control is in 1 foot increments that would be brilliant. But we often see for club golfers is when they look at a putt and they think I need to hit a bit harder. Whack, it goes 3, 4, 5, 6 foot past the hole because they don't have the touch and the feel to get the 1 feet increment of power change. So they might hit their first putt down there and they might hit the first putt quite short and then think okay well I need to get my next one past there to do my good ladder drill and then they go and leather it and it goes racing on past and they don't have enough distance control to judge how hard to hit putts. So do that ladder drill try and increase the power each time 1 foots at a time, first ball to last ball need to be 5 feet apart from each other and doing that drill will make you a much better putter.