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Video Transcript

A problem that many golfers have when trying to complete the knockdown shot is a pulled ball flight. Now a pulled ball flight starts off to the left of the target and continues to fly very straight left. Generally speaking, it doesn’t have a massive amount of curvature. Now if you are struggling with that type of shot what could be the reason why? There are a few different problems. First of all, the upper body is taking too much control over the shot. Normally when you’re swinging through you’ve got a lot of movement off to the left-hand side with your hips, you’ve got the body rotating through and turning toward your target. With a knockdown shot you don’t quite have the time to do that. And when that happens the upper body can start to take control moving the club a little bit too much off to the left-hand side with the swing path travelling left of target.

If the club face matches up to that then the ball is going to be going off to the left-hand side. Now there’s a few things you can do to counteract this. When you’re hitting chips and when you’re hitting pitches you should be setting the feet and the hip slightly open. That’s because they preset the hips into an impact position when you don’t have time to turn them. So if you are struggling with a pull shot with the knockdown shot give this a try. Get that same setup that we’ve already spoken about but just angle the lower body slightly further off to the left-hand side. What this will do it will open up the lower body and it will allow you to turn through a little more successfully. However keep the upper body nice and square to your target line. So don’t allow the upper body to also aim left. So the feet and the hips slightly off to the left-hand side, the upper body still square to your target line. Repeat the same motions, so three-quarter swing back and through, wait forward, knocking it down. And what that should allow you to do is clear the left side a little bit easier while still getting the club dropped into a nice straight swing path.

So if you are struggling with that pull shot, which a lot of players do, try and adapt your stance to get that little bit more turn with the hips, and hopefully you’ll see that ball fly straight and out.