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Video Transcript

Here's another fantastic game for your pace controlling, your distance control as the puts get longer. So what I've got here is I got five balls laid out, I have measured 5 feet between each ball. Normally you'd have the flag out, but for yourselves I put the flag in just so you can see from the longer putt where the hole actually is from that camera. Now the target score here is 10 or less. If I can take these five putts from 5 feet away and have a score of 10 or less then I'm going to be quite happy. Now my distance control here's the priority. The line is slightly right to left and if I can get a decent line then I'm going to be quite happy, but my distance control would be the priority. Right half of the hole it's slightly uphill. I've got to be nice and positive with these.

I'm going to leave that one out, took a nasty bubble up there. Just needs a little bit more on from the hill on these longer putts. Oh bubbling all over the place, nearly bubbled it in, one more time through the gap for those last two. I'll take that so now from these range you know I had little tapping distances hopefully you're going to give me those. But what I'd like to see you do there is those 5 balls, 5 different distances 5 feet apart each time trying to take a score of less than 10. If you give me the first two, you knock those in. That's going to be a score of eight and if you can score eight each time and as I did you'd expect to get one or two of the shorter ones then just avoiding the three putts with the bigger ones brings that score down to less than 10. Great little exercise if you just got 5 minutes before you're teeing off so you've got 5 minutes 5 balls 5 paces each take less than 10 putts and you go out on the golf course with a lot more confidence in your putting game.