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Video Transcript

If you’re comfortable taking a hybrid club or a 3-wood and you’re happy playing those off the floor or off the deck as we sometimes say. Now when you get the opportunity to play it on the teeing ground it’s sometimes sort of encouraging just to throw it down on the ground and play it straight from the grass. Well I wouldn’t encourage you to do that, I much rather you set the ball up on a tee peg because it’s the only opportunity you get to have a really nice line and hit it off a tee peg, so don’t give that opportunity back to the golf course. But it’s also important that you don’t go ahead and stick it on a great big working tee peg and then scoop all the way underneath the ball and then sky it off into the air.

So if you’re taking a driver, a driver has much deeper face therefore needs a much deeper tee peg but it’d be worthwhile having a few different lengths tee pegs in your pocket so when you get to the teeing ground with a hybrid or a 3-wood in your hands you can peg your tee much lower. So here I’ve got the ball sitting on a very low tee peg, it almost looks like it’s just sitting on a good lie in the grass, as I slide the club in behind the ball I want to have a round about half the ball sitting opposite the top of the club so the equator line of the ball sits around the top of the club. That way I can sweep the ball into the air nicely, I don’t need to gauge down and take too much of a dive but at the same time I don’t have an opportunity to slide underneath it and sky it up into the air. So I play the ball towards my left side of centre on a tee peg that just sets the ball in the air like it’s on a good lie.

So it’ll be worthwhile getting some tee pegs in your bag, maybe the castle tees will be suitable for you. The other ones have the cap at the top for the ball but also a little flange at the bottom just to stop the tee peg being pressed in too low and you use different colored castle tees for your different clubs. So you can measure them all on the practice ground and then when you go and play you know that if I’m using my hybrid club here I’m going to need a blue tee peg, if I’m using my 3-wood I might use the yellow tee peg and if I’m using my driver I might use the white tee peg. But the principle remains the same we want to see about half the ball sitting above the top of the club, not too high not too low, half the ball above the top and that will lead to the best and sweetest contact.