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So this game is called build the pressure, and that's a 3 foot putt I've got here; 3 feet away from the hole and I've just hit three golf balls there straight in. What I want to see you guys do is see how many putts you can hold in a row as that pressure builds. Now I could stand here all afternoon if I'm honest guys. No I wouldn't seriously you probably missed the next one. So I'm not going to put myself through the pressure. But what I'd like to see you do is set yourself a target score and you're not allowed to leave the putting green until you've achieved your target score. Now your target score could be dependent on handicap. 20 to 28 handicappers let's see you guys making five in a row from 3 feet. 10 to 20 handicappers we're going to have to start making a few more are we? Probably 10 putts in a row into the hole from 3 feet and the 10 to 0 handicappers we want to be making 20 putts in a row.

The tour stats prove that for a standard tour player they're making about 95% of these putts. They're missing one in every 20. But the advantage you guys have got is you've got the same putt over and over again. We're just going to keep rolling in the end 3 feet, 3 feet, 3 feet trying to build the pressure. On the first couple it might seem quite easy, but as you get nearer to your target score as you get nearer to the 5, the 10, the 20 whatever your handicap and target might be you really start to build up pressure and the pressure is important because the pressure is what you will feel when you actually go and play on the golf course. It's all well and good just tapping balls in around the hole with no structure, no game, no target score. But this game builds pressure. So when you go on the golf course you've got a 3 footer, you think ah, I'm used to these and I'm used to the pressure that these bring and hopefully you'll start knocking in a few more little 3 footers after practicing this game.