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Can you use a fairway wood from a tee peg? Absolutely yes you can and absolutely yes you should. There is plenty of opportunities in a round of golf where a fairway wood should be the club of choice on a tee. And even on those big power fours or even the big power fives a fairway wood is often the right club to hit from a tee, because it provides a certain degree of more accuracy, yes it might be a bit shorter than your driver but if accuracy is the premium and distance is not the premium a fairway wood is going to be a great club of choice. A couple of things we got to consider here, we got to consider the height of the tee peg, you can’t just go and stick in your big driver tee and have the ball sitting up in the air like this, the three wood, or fairway wood clubface is a lot shallower, it’s a lot lower profile and that wood is great from a fairway and it is good off the tee as long as you tee the ball up at the right level. So what we are going to consider here is a about half the ball should be cresting towards the top of the golf club.

So I’ve positioned myself down on a really low tee peg here, so I’ve got just around about half or a third of the golf ball above the top. Now when you push the tee peg in you always pushing it right the way down through the floor so just the cup of the tee sits out over the top and therefore when you set it up it almost looks like there is no tee peg in there, it looks like its just on a good lie on the fairway. And if you can set up to the golf ball like that there is no risk of you skying the ball and scooting it right off the top of the club and shooting it up in air which might happen if you had too big a tee peg in there, but also it makes it easier than hitting it straight off the deck. If you just flicked it down and played it straight from the floor it could be quite difficult to get the ball with a clean strike in the middle of the face. So a nice low tee peg is going to be perfect for hitting a fairway wood from the teeing ground. You then set up with ball just towards that front in step maybe an inch away from where your driver position would normally be, nice grip on the club and then sweep it away, you feel like you are just trying to clip the top edge of the tee, you are not trying dig the tee peg out to the floor, just lift the ball off the surface and if you knock the tee peg over that’s not the end of the world but you definitely would want to see a divot around about this shot, you will want to just pick it off, clean off the surface.