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This is now all favorite of the green keepers, isn’t it? Where they – they mow the tee nice and they get all the stripes and it’s dark stripe and light stripe and it looks beautiful and then you stand behind it and then you realize that those stripes are nowhere near where you want to aim. That to one side left or right they are certainly not going with the flow of the hole but the problem is you stand behind that and you look down and all you can see are these stripes they are not pointing where you want to go. Maybe there’s the white mark, there is the yellow mark, there is the red mark, because they are all lined up dong, dong, dong down the tee box, you stand behind they are not even in line either. So the first and most important thing on these misaligned tee boxes is to understand that it is misaligned in the first place.

If you walk up put your tee and stand behind and just hit it and then look up you’ll realize you just blasted that one straight through the fairway. Some people don’t understand they’re misaligned, they don’t just like that particular tee, they don’t understand why they stand there they can’t shuffle, they can’t get comfortable, they are moving around. They never hit a good shot because it’s misaligned. So it’s very important to start the routine behind the ball, pick a ball to target line make sure that if it is off line to those stripes you understand that, you re-correct it and you pick something different. You then line up and you try and blank out the stripe out of your mind’s eye, you focus on the ball and the target spot be it an old divvy or an old tee peg or something like that and then hit straight at that.

Make sure your feet were lined up to that spot, make sure the club face is lined up square and then commit to hitting that spot and not looking at the misaligned tee box. If you still struggle with this and you have a particular hole at the golf course that really puts you off, try and come down to a driving range where you have square maps or possibly even with a line down the middle of the maps like we have here and then start to aim off that line and it feels quite weird to start with because normally it’s a driving range which is tee it’s just down the square. But if you can’t start aiming yourself across that line, hopefully you get a bit more used about variation of what you can see and then you can take that out on the golf course.

If you do most of your practice on the practice ground, do the same thing with clubs or alignment poles but importantly don’t always aim them straight. Kind of put them out here or either just to the side of the ball, but misalign them deliberately to sort of mix up the practice a little bit. It’s too easy when you’ve got straight edges and square lines all of the time. And if you know that your green keepers like to misalign the tee boxes, you need to practice in that situation so when you get to that misaligned tee you know how to aim and how to hit better shots.