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So this drill is called or this game is called Left Right Both. Left handed, right handed, both hands on together. What I'd suggest you do is you actually set up 10 golf balls for each hand. So we're going to take the left hand on first, we're going to take 10 putts into the hole. Then we're going to take the right hand and hit 10 putts, then we're going to take both hands and hit 10 putts. What this game is great for is working out your hand dominance which hand is more dominant than the other, and you know what some people score worse with both hands on together than they do with the dominant hand because their hands start arguing and the hand start fighting. So I'm just going to setup a couple of 3 footers here. Left hand on trying to line up feels a bit wobbly as you bring the club back, but that one is gone in. Now I'm right handed so you expect that the right hand would feel easier for me right and left behind my back right hand on the club straight back straight through.

That one feels a little bit more confident knocking that one in. Now don't mess this one Pete. This would get embarrassing. You notice my putting stroke is left hand low. That means my right hand can keep nice and dominant and that one actually slipped in the side door. So if you have 10 goes left handed 10 goes right handed 10 goes with both hands together see what your score is. From 3 feet away here even with one hand you shouldn't be scoring any less than 80% going in. You should be pretty positive from this distance as we move further away the hands get a little bit more twitchy. The distance control is harder, but 80% left hand, 80% right hand and at least 80% when both hands are together would be good with those 10 balls at each level. Try the left hand, right hand, both hands together game to improve your control of your putter and hold more short putts.